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Zoowee Live Sales Knowledge increases your inside sales by serving as a one-stop shop for all sales knowledge. Your sales representatives can find the knowledge they need with one or two clicks while the customer is on the phone.






Zoowee Live Sales Knowledge helps you onboard new sales representatives quicker by offering all the knowledge they need to do their jobs. And avoid taking your experienced sales representatives off the phone to help the new representative.






Zoowee Live Sales Knowledge allows you to promote the process you know works best. Standardizing these practices enhances customer satisfaction, builds better relationships and increases efficiency.



This is how we deliver benefits.

Sales Cycle Definition

Define your sales cycle directly in Zoowee LSK and organize your sales knowledge according to the steps your sales representatives should follow to close sales.

Knowledge Capture

Capture and organize your knowledge by using Zoowee Bubbles.  Include text & matrices, embed images & videos, insert links to external sites, downloadable documents and much more.

CRM/ API Integration

Populate various systems with details captured during calls.  And make sales scripts specific to the opportunity or account by using CRM data available via API integration .


Context Sensitive Knowledge

Dynamically show knowledge based on CRM data and on-call intelligence . And unclutter the screen, displaying only what your representatives need to see.

Multi Instance Environment

Create any number of knowledge sites directly in Zoowee LSK. Allow each team to have their own dedicated and knowledge-specific one-stop shop.

Peer-to-peer Knowledge Collaboration

Allow your teams to dynamically share knowledge they have obtained. Zoowee LSK Editable Spreadsheets, Bubble Push and Chat enhance collaboration.

Knowledge search

Quickly find the right knowledge by searching across multiple data sources. And save Zoowee LSK Bubbles as favorites to quickly find them in the future.

Up-to-date Knowledge

Ensure your knowledge remains current by using Zoowee LSK's version control, change management and approval paths capabilities.


Analyze what knowledge is being consumed, by whom and when.  Analytics allow you to make managerial and content decisions based on data.


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